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About Mighty Spirit Kids

Mighty Spirit Kids was written, produced, and recorded by us - Will and Laura Stern - to help our kids (and tons of other kids & parents) get more scripture into their hearts.

The goal was simple:
"Let's try to make an album that is as much word-for-word scripture as humanly possible...oh and let's make it music that our kids will love to listen to...oh and let's also make it music that we will be able to tolerate and maybe enjoy hearing over and over again for years to come...maybe this isn't that simple after all."

We also knew a few truths:

  • Kids and parents are way more powerful when they live life according to the scripture that they know.
  • Music and scripture makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of a home.
  • If kids learn scripture in a song, they will remember it for the rest of thier lives. (we do!, anybody remember Steve Green? "keep your tongue from evil, keep your tongue")
  • If it's annoying music, parents will want to pull their hair out.

At the end of the day, we knew more than anything that God was putting it on our hearts to do the project. We had never done kids music before, but we know that children are always on God's heart and giving to the next generation is always worth it.

We hope that Mighty Spirit Kids encourages kids to realize their might and worth in the kingdom of God, and we hope that parents feel stronger in the Lord as they listen to the powerful truth of His Word.

-Will and Laura Stern

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Mighty Spirit Kids was written, produced and recorded by Will & Laura Stern to help their kids (and tons of other kids & parents) get more scripture into their hearts
Read "About" for more info on Will and Laura and the project.
Special thanks to Christen Nelson for artwork illustration

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